Into The Form of Becoming

I often gaze at abandoned objects on the streets. I find that regardless of the method of interpretation, I can never truly understand these objects, such as their origin, why they exist, etc. To express this sensation, I transform these ordinary objects with the marks of daily wear and tear into extraordinary objects by manipulating the image, allowing the existences of experiences within the consciousness to transform them into heterogeneous objects, which in turn creates an unstable state within the otherwise serene scene. This creates a sense as if the objects are wandering on the borderline of existence. This project comes from the experience of walking along the beach. After taking and observing some photos of the sandy ground and discarded objects, I found that the form of images had become glossy and flat — almost opposite to the reality. Through suspending the photographic surface, in this work, I try to show the materiality of the objects within the image and provide different angles for perceiving an image to respond to the phenomenons of living with digital images.