Don’t Speak Loudly - It’s Harmful for Butterflies!

“Don’t Speak Loudly – It’s Harmful for Butterflies” is the exploration of disappointments as a result of ongoing conflict between the expectations and reality. A conflict which often occurs in relation to our growing need to consume nature by the means of tourism. The project invites the viewer to take a short vacation to the place that is so familiar yet doesn’t exist.

What constitutes a “good view”?

How blue is the water?

What is the definition of a beach?

A generic holiday place is constructed out of online stock video fragments filmed with the phone from the screen. The hand held movement, reflections, autofocus and glitch merge together with the image bank conventional landscape aesthetics morphing into the new abstractions.

The voice-over guides through the disappointing hiking trail with the goal of finding the butterflies as a metaphor to the beautiful scenery. The continuously looping videos, together with the narrative, suggest man’s never-ending desire to find the utopian beauty in nature.